Welcome to Baita alle Cascate

How to reach us

From Pozza di Fassa (at the end of via Meida) you go on (if you like by car) through the San Nicolò Valley to Ciampiè (the name of the place 5 kms far from Meida) at 1826 m. Here the road ends. This road is open to the vehicles only up to the end of June. But during the rest of the summertime you have anyway the possibility to drive as far as Mezzaselva (2 kms far from Ciampiè). From Ciampiè a very simple path will take you to the Baita alle Cascate in 40 minutes. If you like you can follow a second itinerary to reach us. You drive to Mezzaselva, park the car and follow the road "Strada dei Russi", a nice walk through the wood.

Our specialties

Taste our dishes


Col Ombert

with Mushrooms, Sausage and Cheese



with Mushrooms, Shank and Cheese



with Cheese and Goulash or roe